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Hyperacute Serum promotes stem cell and cartilage cell regeneration

Two peer-reviewed studies showed that hypACT outperforms PRP as a regenerative serum.

Krems an der Donau, Austria, 15 January 2018 – Hyperacute serum, a variety of platelet rich plasma (PRP), that has been developed for clinical use by OrthoSera has been shown to outperform platelet rich plasma (PRP) as a regenerative blood serum derivative. In a paper accepted for publication in the tier-one journal Tissue Engineering Part A, the results show that hyperacute serum provides more robust support than PRP in mesenchymal stem cell proliferation as well as lipogenic differentiation, indicating that it may be a better adjuvant in fat grafting procedures. In another paper, also from the Center for Regenerative Medicine at Danube University, Austria, chondrocyte proliferation was significantly more induced by hyperacute serum than by PRP.

The advantages of hyperacute serum are already available for physicians at the bedside through OrthoSera’s hypACT™ device. This simple syringe-and-centrifuge based device is designed for isolating hyperacute serum from the patient’s own blood in a closed system, which then can be applied during a same-day-procedure. The product is CE marked and can be used in a clinical setting by doctors who wish to apply serum therapy.

“Our observations have convinced me that hyperacute serum is a very strong alternative to any serum or plasma derivatives that are used in stem cell activation. This serum is far more reliable in supporting the cells than the notoriously variable PRP” said Ms. Olga Kuten, first author of the Tissue Engineering study.

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